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Guide To Creating A Gallery Wall In Your Home

September 26, 2021

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Are you ready to fall in love with your home all over again?   As one of the most popular and rising design trends, gallery walls are meant to be personal and meaningful.

Discover how to bring wanderlust, adventure, and inspiration into your home! 

After reading over these 5 design strategies…

Enjoy our FREE gallery-wall DIY Template –  Click the button at the end of the article to download!

Dream Big 

What do you envision for your gallery wall? Take a moment to think about your passions, interests, and cherishable moments, whether you want to revolve your gallery wall around travel, past experiences, family, wanderlust, or all of them, you can!

How will you achieve this story? What colors, photos, and art decor will help elevate the mood?  Time to follow your heart, channel your inner creative side and brainstorm all your desires. Embrace your confidence to hang up impactful artwork in your home that makes your heart happy! 

Gather Artwork 

When gathering artwork for your wall, it’s important to choose items that go together but aren’t matchy-matchy. This will create a steady stream of uniqueness. Whether you’re pulling art from your collection or shopping mostly for new pieces, there are a few helpful guidelines to follow to ensure your gallery wall feels cohesive.

*eH insight: Repeating colors at least 2-3 times will tie everything together smoothly. Not every piece needs to have the same shade(s) as the next, but every piece should have 1-2 other pieces that share a similar color or tone to it. As a result, this monochromatic theme will maintain a clean and balanced look.

Symmetry Matters

Gallery walls require a lot of symmetry to look connected and creative. If you’re building a photo wall with a bunch of family pictures, you may opt for a wall frame collage—it’s up to you. Tracing and testing out different options is a great way to visualize how your gallery wall will look. 

Guidelines: A successful wall gallery keeps art at an equal distance. Use a ruler to guide your placement and aim for 3–6 inches between each piece of art. There should be plenty of space between the frames and trim and molding so the gallery wall has room to breathe. 

Dimension Gets The Job Done

Once you’ve hung up your artwork, you can enhance your gallery wall even more by using 3D objects as eye-catching gallery wall art – This will add dimension to a wall and fill in any awkward spaces left between two pieces. 

A few of our favorite dimensional pieces of decor are: 

  • Ceramic Wall Hangings
  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Accent Mirrors
  • Plush Wall Charms
  • Woven Baskets/Bowls
  • Sconces

Take a peek at our eH Boutique for more wall decor inspo!

Breath In Inspiration

Ah, at last… The best part, enjoying the blissful benefits of your custom gallery wall. You’ll be able to treasure timeless memories in your home and be reminded of your favorite things all day long

Every time you take a glance, walk by or peek at your gallery wall, you’ll feel a sense of joy and comfort. Personal gallery walls encourage you to chase your desires, find inspiration, be grateful for your experiences and most of all never stop dreaming!  All in all, gallery walls turn a house into a home

We hope your Gallery Wall will bring meaningful inspiration and joy into your life.

**Click here to download our freebie DIY template for step-by-step instructions! 

Don’t forget to share your future designs with us – We’d love to see them!


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