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Inspiring Winter Getaways!

December 1, 2021

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Calling all Snow Lovers!  Looking to book your own winter wonderland trip this winter? Not to worry. From choosing your location to planning fun activities, warming up with craft cocktails and hot toddies, to deciding what to pack in your suitcase, our everything Hospitality concierge shares with you everything you’ll need to create a warm, toasty and fun-filled getaway. It’s time to be inspired and experience winter like never before! 

Here is our eH approved guide to planning your next snow-cation.

Love At Frost Sight

Choosing your destination will determine the rest of your trip – On or off the slopes, it’s hard to beat the iconic vast mountain winter resorts nestled in the Rocky Mountains.  These snowy villages are where you can take in a breath of fresh air, be inspired by scenic surroundings, and feel on top of the world.  Whether you plan on going to the slopes or sightseeing in local ski towns, there are endless ways to take in the joys of winter

There are so many destination options to choose from for your wonderful snow escape.  Depending on your current location, your vision, and how far you’re willing to travel, you can plan to experience snowy mountains near or far!  Before you book your trip, it’s a good idea to research the surrounding area for a few reasons.  The first being, the hotels, resorts, or Airbnbs you plan on staying at.  Secondly, many ski-towns offer local events, winter festivals, and entertainment

  • Close proximity to the slopes. (Some are nestled right on the mountain!)
  • Easy access to winter activities, chalets, and ski-loft rentals. 
  • Wonderful on-site dining options
  • Hospitality and hotel amenities included in your stay
  • Pet-friendly hotels 

Benefits of choosing a Ski Resort & Hotel

We suggest checking the hotel’s website or calling them directly before making reservations. 

Benefits of choosing an Airbnb

  • Privacy
  • Pet-approved options
  • Ideal for larger groups, events, or celebrations. 
  • More freedom in selecting your ideal location

Regardless of your choice, these amazing ski towns take their jobs and their Hospitality seriously. Their passion and dedication lead to new and exciting feature updates regularly. Whether you are a beginner or a US Olympic Ski Champion, these dreamy winter getaways all have something for everyone to enjoy. From horse and carriage rides to modern gondola tours, and fun on the slopes, you will never run out of activities. 

Dreamy Destinations

We’ve put together a list of our everything HOSPITALITY top 5 winter destinations to consider on your travels.

  1. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

From kids skiing on the mountain to horse and carriage rides, and sharing a chairlift with a local Olympian to relaxing in the famous hot springs, this little resort town is known for its Hospitality just as much as it is for its snow. With the reputation of Ski-town USA, this is where those who were once visitors have become locals.  

2. Aspen, Colorado

Let’s face it, being out and about in the snow can become exhausting! You’ll need to recharge with food to replenish your energy. Aside from the most beautiful mountains in all of the country, Aspen Mountain’s Ski Resort is known for its exceptional dining. We’d recommend stopping into Bonnie’s for their mid-mountain breakfast, known for its rich history and legendary pancakes, or visiting Ajax Tavern – The best après in town! Indoors or on a mountainside patio available next to the Silver Queen Gondola – Simply un-burr-lievable!  

3. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is one of the best-preserved mining towns in the U.S. – Aside from their incredible mountains, when you’re off the slopes you’ll see historic shops turned into vibrant art galleries, independent boutiques, and unique restaurants as you explore Historic Main Street! Perfect for art lovers, history buffs, or for anyone who loves adventure! 

4. Sun Valley, Idaho

If you plan on taking advantage of incredible terrain, Sun Valley is known for its incredible skiing and snowboarding. With over 2,000 feet of elevation and nearly 2,500 acres of terrain, and the considerable snowfall numbers each winter, whether you are a novice or expert skier, it is certainly worth picking up a lift ticket. Time to unlock your potential on the slopes whether you’re learning, advancing, or beginning! 

4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Last but certainly not least, Jackson Hole, Wyoming will offer you a nostalgic adventure into the heart of the American West. Situated between the sweeping Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges, jagged peaks are covered with soft, powdery snow all winter long.  Aside from the terrain, Town Square has activities for everyone: Restaurants, shopping, and specialty stores — All with the Old West flair that Jackson Hole is famous for.

Winter-ful Activities

One of the best parts of taking a snow-cation is the overall magical atmosphere you are stepping into! There are so many snow activities you can enjoy during your stay.  Whether you’re trying something new like snowboarding, skiing, or tubing there are endless ways to test your abilities and advance your skills on the slopes. When you’re off the mountain, you can visit the unique local boutiques for charming antiques and souvenirs, build snowmen and forts, go explore vast forests, take a scenic dog-sleigh ride, visit a local ice bar, try snowmobiling, or just the simple act of admiring your serene surroundings!  

With 25+ years of experience in branding, operating, and designing hotels our number one piece of advice is to book in advance! When planning, it is also a good idea to check the local calendar for events at your destination and surrounding areas. Many seasonal events include winter festivals, wine tours, sleigh rides, and other cheerful celebrations

The Snow Must Go On

We cannot forget about one of the best parts of a winter trip… Après ski time! Après ski is a much-loved pastime after you’ve had a long day on the slopes where you go to relax and unwind with your friends. Whether you choose to continue your day at the chalet bar at your hotel or resort, go dancing at one of the local mountain town hot spots, or quietly sit on your balcony overlooking the breathtaking mountains with a Hot Toddy, there’s boundless enjoyment and entertainment waiting for you in the mountains. 

Best of all, this type of environment truly propels you into a different element of time and space, where you’ll begin to feel a shift in perspective. Whether you’re viewing the mountain from the bottom or overlooking the extraordinary views from the top of the mountain or hotel balcony, the scenery is certainly worth celebrating. Enjoy making a toast to the beauty that surrounds you with those who matter most!  

Whether you choose to order an adult Hot Cocoa, or heat up with iconic cocktails like a sweet Irish Coffee, Hot Toddy, White Russian, or Mulled Wine, there are endless ways to celebrate with your friends after a long day on the slopes! As a post-ski-activity, après ski time is the perfect opportunity to refresh, recharge and enjoy the moment. 

Please share your favorite recipes with us at

Ultimately, with these travel tips in mind, you’ll enjoy your snow-cation like never before! 

Cheers to fun on the slopes, sharing laughs and toddies in the lodge, spending cozy nights by the fire, and most of all, being inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 

See you on the slopes! 

Don’t forget to tag + share your favorite winter-wonderland adventures with us @everythinghospitality_!

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