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The Secret’s Out! Tips For Creating Hotel Inspired Design In Your Home

February 15, 2022

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Traveling to destinations both domestically and abroad creates opportunities for one to fully experience life. These magical moments become imprinted in our minds and create a sense of wanderlust and longing to go back – leaving you wanting to pack it up in your suitcase and bring a little bit of that magic home with you. 

Imagine if you could unlock the top design secrets of how hotels create these unforgettable experiences. What if you, too, could transform your home or a small area to reflect your favorite destination?  We get that question a lot, so we have compiled some of our favorite secret design strategies that you will love and are easy to incorporate into your home. 

A Warm Welcome

No matter what language you speak, when spoken, the word “Welcome” is intrinsic and simply means, “Welcome to our space, we’re glad you are here, and we hope to see you again”.  Taking the time to express and create a warm welcome in the Hospitality world, through design, is intended to convey that our guests matter to us, that we care and that we want them to enjoy their stay.  In addition to the personal greetings, of course.  That’s why we focus highly on the sense of arrival to our homes or any project that we complete.  Whether it is spacious and grand or small and efficient, a well-dressed entryway incorporates a functional table or chest to welcome guests with fresh flowers, inviting lighting and a place to keep keys and mail neat and tidy. If space allows, the addition of seating is helpful as it provides a spot for bags, a purse, and a place to rest if changing your shoes. Finally, a beautiful rug provides durability and function as it adds color + pattern + texture as you invite your guests in. If you are looking to refresh your space, visit us here as we have numerous possibilities available from signature consoles to décor. 

Time Travel

Most of the Lifestyle and historical hotel properties around the world were built 30, 40 or 50+ years ago and are rich in history.  The reason we love them so much is their secret in creating a distinct story that is carefully woven throughout their design. What does your story look like? How will it be told to your family, friends, and guests? By establishing your story, your design now becomes an open book filled with characters, settings, chapters, events, and personality which brings to life, remnants, and mementos, perhaps, of your history and culture which ultimately creates a concise vision and theme. 

Once the foundation is set, you can have fun with adding the details to shape the unique story of you and your home.  By adding mementos that have been curated over time from your travels through life, those little decorative touches help tie and thread your individual chapters together. Your life becomes the artwork; a masterpiece built over time!  May it inspire you to always be building a life that you love.  

The Gift Of Greenery

One thing you may have noticed when you travel is all the plants and flowers sprinkled throughout a hotel.  From the moment you drive up to the door, to the spectacular lobby displays, and even as you wait for the elevator, greenery, or botanicals, as we like to call them, is a transformational tool that can be used in all areas of your home. This secret ages back in history as architects state, “One of the most distinctive elements of the property is its garden.” Gardens were a symbol of wealth, uniqueness, and grandeur. Fast forward to the modern-day and gardens and plants (both indoors and out, real or faux) have become an integral part of our design style and details, that bring a touch of beauty + nature + tranquility to any room. 

These botanicals are free-flowing and ever-changing statement pieces on their own.  The addition of a small bonsai tree or succulent can go a long way in inspiring you and your guests with rejuvenating energy + balance. The power of nature is infinite! 

Blending Architecture with Art

We know too well how hard it can be to find time, money, and resources to update, upgrade and redesign our homes or even one room.  Imagine if you had 2000 rooms, four dining rooms that seat 50+ people, meeting rooms, and more and your home was a hotel.  Blending Architecture with Art provides an unexpected merging of design elements that create a distinctive outcome is a must for us when we are working to blend the old with the new. 

You can readily and beautifully update any room or area in your home by using this technique.  For example, consider combining historical architecture with modern furnishings or traditional designs with retro artwork. Since architecture and art both incorporate so many different styles on their own, there are endless creations + opportunities you can come up with by pairing the two. Whether it be a dining room that combines timeless architecture with a modern wall art mural or an outdoor patio built with luxurious and distinct sharp features that lead to a quaint, traditional gazebo, combining diverse elements allows guests to be inspired + captivated, and drawn to visit these peculiar places up close.  Furthermore, since these noteworthy places are so unusual and unexpected, they will certainly become a favorite place to gather, where memories are made, and new chapters are written into your story. 

Lights, Camera, Action

Let there be light! In the Hospitality business, we fondly say, “We are always on stage and the show must go on”.  That’s because, in our business, the doors never close.  Lighting not only serves a purpose, but it also needs to address the various times of day, the events taking place, and the mood you want conveyed throughout the different areas of the hotel. Considering that your home can also be your stage, strategically adding lighting throughout is an important step. 

Creative applications of lighting can really set the tone in terms of mood + atmosphere + appearance. By incorporating strategically placed accent lighting, sleek wall sconces, and visually impactful chandeliers, become necessary elements to further solidify an engaging environment + create a dramatic visual presentation. Lighting has a direct impact on the overall mood of your space and gives you an opportunity to let your home’s story fully shine.

Luxurious Touches

In the end, and we bet you would agree, our guests tell us that the most important design to them when staying in a hotel is the guest room. While they appreciate the design elements, what’s most important to them is whether or not it delivers on comfort + hospitality. At the end of the day, hospitality renders a home-away-from-home feeling for any guest as they kick off their shoes, relax and enjoy their surroundings. Simple luxurious touches can easily be added to any setting as additional ways to promote ultimate comfort.  Some examples include spa-inspired bathrooms, dreamy outdoor spaces, and luxurious furnishings that encourage lounging and socializing. By incorporating intentional selections throughout your home, your guests can indulge in pure relaxation that allows them to recharge + reset during their stay. That’s one reason our commitment, at everything HOSPITALITY, is always livable luxury.  

We hope you agree that incorporating these design strategies into your home can be easier than you think. With thoughtful planning + simple changes, you too can bring home the look + feel + style of your favorite get-away. We encourage you to step back and look at your home from a different light, envision your next design chapter of your story and share it with us. 

Need a little help with that?  We would love to!  Click here to learn more or email us at  

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