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Hotel Inspired Coffee Bar Solutions

February 1, 2022

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Whether they are coffee, espresso, tea, or hot chocolate lovers, making room and accommodating for dedicated space, in our kitchen re-designs and new build home projects, has become more and more popular and is always at the top of our client’s priority list.  The kitchen is where we spend much of our time cooking, eating, and entertaining.  In addition to being full of warmth, charm, and everything you love, it’s just as important to create organization and efficiency as well.  

Having worked and designed hotel restaurants, coffee shops, and event spaces, we know firsthand the importance and value of designing with space-saving + workflow solutions in mind, in addition to creating beautiful aesthetics.  

Here are our top five effective ways to level up your In-Home Coffee Bar or Beverage Station:

The Return of Larder Cabinet

Modern Larder-inspired standalone units and built-in cabinets have made a comeback and are a great way to utilize unused space or cabinets, concealing your appliances and other service items when not in use.  Either space application can be built out to incorporate shelving, pull-out drawers, glass + cup racks, and more.  

Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Adding a touch of sophistication, pocket doors provide space-saving solutions in small or tight spaces as they tuck in and out of the way while you work and move around the kitchen.  In addition, there are numerous stylish bi-fold door options as well that allows for reconstructing two individual cabinets into one larger area that can provide a clean + classy appearance and allow for the optimal use and transformation of an existing space.  Slide-out shelves can further enhance your space as it tucks away nicely when not in use.  Maximizing + organizing your drawer space is a key component not only with storage but allows you to create a full-service, self-service beverage center for your guests, whether in your own kitchen or set up in your guest house or casita.  

Make A Statement

For our entertainers out there, building out a separate unit or space that can serve as a dual-purpose full-service beverage station for coffee or adult beverages, is another way to incorporate a stylish yet functional statement. These multi-purpose pieces can be a beautiful sideboard, oversized buffet, or a custom piece of millwork that is adapted to fit your needs and are the perfect addition to any space. Some of our favorite pieces can be found here.   

Repurpose Existing Pantry, Counter, or Cabinet Space

Looking for simple ways to store your coffee maker and other small appliances without the need for dedicated counter space?  We have discovered some unique, but simple ways to add depth to your pantry and expand your kitchen storage. By incorporating unused areas, for example, a hallway or space under your stairs, the area can be transformed, utilized, and repurposed to create a hidden treasure that provides easy access when needed.

Bringing It All Together – It’s All In The Details:

The devil is in the details.  So, while you are laying out your plans, in selecting your cabinet designs, purchasing your standalone units, or renovating your old space to make room for the new, here are a few things that often get overlooked and will transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary:

  • Measure and Measure Again. Whether you are a fan of the single Keurig Coffee maker or are excited to add a top-of-the-line Espresso Maker to your new beverage station, measure all your appliances and other items you intend to fit into the space.  Draw it out, and measure twice and maybe add just a little bit of wiggle room for cords, plugs, and access.  
  • Power Outlets.  In today’s technology age, one can never have enough outlets.  In addition to your planned appliances (coffee maker, electric tea kettle, coffee grinder, or otherwise), add additional outlets for the entertainment opportunities to add a blender and other service items. 
  • Water Spickets.  We are not suggesting you take on “creative plumbing.”   However, if your new repurposed area or kitchen addition allows easy access to water lines, these are one of those things you won’t even know you missed until you have it and you would not want to be without the convenience in the future. 
  • Complimentary + Simple Themed Décor.  Accessorize with plants.  Botanicals faux or real, bring the outside in and naturally create a relaxing organic feel. Bowls of fruit add an easy pop of bright colors and flavor to your beverage station. Keep your décor fresh by displaying ingredients to garnish your cocktails and coffee or tea. Don’t forget to personalize by adding a vase of your favorite flowers and fun + inviting wall décor. 
  • Service Items.  The purpose of setting up your dedicated beverage space includes an all-in-one approach to be able to create your beverage of choice from start to finish.  Here is a minimal list of forget-me-nots:
    • Coffee Pot (for large groups of entertaining) 
    • Tea Cups + Coffee Mugs
    • K-cup + Tea Bag organizer (or loose coffee storage)
    • Canisters
    • Filters
    • Stir sticks
    • Cream + Sugar Sets
    • Sweeteners
    • Napkins
    • Cutting Board
    • Utensils
    • Garnishments (Lemons + Cinnamon Stick + Cinnamon Powder + flavored syrups + marshmallows + more 

As you can see, incorporating a well-thought-out and functional service station is easy! This simple addition to your home can make mornings + entertaining flow effortlessly and efficiently which allows you to start or end your day with ease. 

Reach out to us today and let us help you transform your space. 

“Because the way you do anything, is the way you do everything”

everything HOSPITALITY

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