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Kitchens That Can Do It All

September 26, 2021

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What if you could improve your kitchen in the simplest of ways? As life gets busy, we rely on our kitchens for everyday use from cooking meals to hosting events and everything in between. We’re excited to share our eH creative solutions for the heart of the home, that is equally as functional as it is fashionable. 

There are many ways to make your kitchen feel fresh, functional, fun, and modern…  

Discover key ways to transform your kitchen effortlessly and get the best of both worlds!

Multi-Purpose Must-Have Items

Multi-purpose and versatile kitchenware will bring a sense of style and serenity into the atmosphere. Many of these kitchen tools are equally as sustainable as they are beautiful to look at!

With these easy solutions in mind, you can create a more organized, open, and inviting kitchen.

Free Standing Pottery

Key Benefits Include

  • Allows you to accessorize with both fashion and functionality   
  • Displays eye-catching details that invite and engage guests
Dish and decorations on open wooden shelves in white kitchen

Display Pantry Items 

Key Benefits Include

  • Perfect for everyday use, equally as sustainable as they are stunning.
  • Repurposed items ideal for storage and organization

Organically Inspired Décor

Key Benefits Include

  • Natural style and durability all in one place
  • Everlasting appeal to last over the years to come

Chic Cutting Boards & Cutlery Sets 

Key Benefits Include

  • Perfect for everyday use with ever-lasting appeal
Fresh apple with cutting board on counter in kitchen

Artisan Accessories  

Key Benefits Include

  • Multipurpose kitchenware that also serves as beautiful decor
  • Adds an inspiring touch of rustic charm and personality to your home

Celebrate Your Lifestyle

Our kitchens are used every day whether we’re making coffee, packing lunch for the kids, sitting down for family dinner, or entertaining. Customizing your kitchen according to your needs will make all the difference in day-to-day life.  Placing frequently used items next to each other in easy-to-access locations allows for quick cooking where everything you need is always in reach

*eH insight: Remember, not all individuals use their kitchens in the same way, so make sure you achieve your vision around how you want your space to work for you.

Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least, accessorizing is key to finalizing your reimagined kitchen. 

Some multi-purpose details to complete your kitchen include:

  • Charming ceiling-hanging pot racks    
  •  Elegant Wine Racks      
  • Gorgeous Tableware
  • Stylish Food Storage Containers             
  • Beautiful Baking Display Items   

For additional finishing touches, be sure to check out our favorites, exclusively in our eH boutique.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can accessorize your kitchen for a functional, friendly, and fashionable appeal – Don’t forget to check out our website for further favorites! 

Transforming your heart-of-the-home is much easier than it seems with these functional solutions in mind. Enjoy bringing your functional and fashionable kitchen to life!

Small changes make all the difference, benefit your day-to-day routine & celebrate your lifestyle. 



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