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Homemade Gifts For The Holidays

December 1, 2021

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As we enter the height of the Holiday Season, we find ourselves looking for the ‘perfect gift’. With a season packed with family gatherings, social events, and fun activities, there are endless opportunities to let those who are important to you know that you are thinking of them during the holidays. Nothing says I love and care about you more than a heartwarming Homemade gift. 

A homemade gift speaks from the heart by showing the recipient the genuine thought and effort that went into it. You can further celebrate your gifts by making it a fun group event, and hosting your very own craft party, where multiple homemade gifts can be made at once! 

This allows you, your friends, and your family to have fun and express your creativity! As a result, everyone involved has a memorable time and gets to leave with having one or more gifts checked off their shopping list.  Here’s to spreading warm holiday cheer! 

Heartfelt Hospitality

There are many ways to practice The Art of Hospitality. From giving a homemade gift to your host or hostess or simply entertaining guests with charming gifts they can take home, learn from + be inspired by.  Hospitality never fails to leave behind a lasting impression. Sharing homemade gifts is something that can be recreated, treasured, and even turned into a tradition for generations to come! 

At everything HOSPITALITY, we value the little things and recognize the big impact they have. 

Here are a few of our favorite gift-giving ideas to share with others or enjoy on your own.

  1. Decorated Wine Bottle – Dress up a Bottle of Wine with a set of Homemade Wine Stoppers by adding decorative knobs, or seasonal designs.
  2. Reindeer Beer – Turn your favorite beer or spiked seltzer bottles into a festive reindeer display with arts and crafts. Need a non-alcoholic and kid-friendly version? Use Root Beer! 
  3. Kitchen Towel With Handwritten Recipes –  Celebrate Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, other family recipes, or your own, with a set of cute recipe dish towels.
  4. Infused Vodkas – Pick between flavors like spicy citrus or cucumber tarragon and your friends will love you forever. Cheers! 

*eH insight: One of our favorite recipes of all time is Limoncello -When life gives you lemons, make Limoncello. Always a fan favorite, the cool vodka liqueur calls for just four ingredients and is ideal for the entertainers in your life. Enjoy this recipe!

Kitchen Favorites

There’s nothing like delicious food to bring people together.  From easy-to-make recipes to pre-made treats, homemade gifts straight from the kitchen are a great way to connect and share the love with those who matter most. They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their belly!

This is our favorite time of the year and we absolutely love having fun in the kitchen and sharing our go-to recipes.  Here are some of our favorite easy + delicious homemade treats that are sure to surprise anyone on your shopping list this season and are perfect for holiday entertaining as well.

  1. Homemade Caramel Sauce  Perfect for drizzling, dipping, or dunking!  This irresistible homemade caramel sauce will inspire everyone to add a little caramel to ice cream, fruit, cakes, cookies, brownies, and all their favorite holiday treats. Bon appetit!

2. Stacked Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit – This whimsical gift is filled with all things to dress up your Hot Chocolate.  Presentation is everything; like stacking small jars and crafting to look like a snowman or reindeer.  Perfect + inexpensive for kids, adults, host/hostess gifts, and Secret Santa exchanges to name a few.

What you’ll need: 

3 Baby Food Jars

1 Container Hot Chocolate Mix

1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows

1 Bag Chocolate Balls in foil wrappers

1 Bag Mini Peppermint Candies

1 Scrap of Ribbon – a pattern of your choice

1 Mini Bow for final touches

1 Gift Tag

Optional:  Shrinkwrap roll for packaging

To form the eyes, nose, and mouth scrapbooking stickers are easy to find and use.

3.  Sugar Cookie Sack. Measuring out the ingredients is one of the most time-consuming parts of baking, offering a pre-made cookie sack eliminates this tedious step, and provides a cute sack of ready-to-bake cookies. Does it get any better or easier than that? Perfect for all the cookie lovers or bakers in your life.  You can build your bag with any cookie recipe that suits you or is a favorite for anyone on your gift list.

4.  Roasted Cinnamon Almonds – Not only is it delicious, but this is also one of the easiest and fastest recipes you’ll find this season! Best of all, you can store them in a decorated bag or container and add beautiful ribbon.

5.  Whiskey Bacon Jam -There’s nothing as savory as Whiskey Bacon Jam – Enjoy this delicious recipe!

Mason Jar Magic 

Warm their hearts and fill their bellies with these Mason Jar Magic recipes! These are some of the easiest homemade gifts to make because they offer pre-made recipes, ready to be enjoyed by all! 

  1. Homemade Banana Bread Mix In A Jar – You can easily make this healthy banana bread recipe in little to no time! Your friends and family will definitely go ‘bananas’ over this special treat!

*eH insight: You may want to include a separate note in each jar that includes directions for what each recipe calls for. This will provide the recipient with step-by-step instructions for their holiday treat!

Pawfect Treats 

For all the pet lovers in your life, whether you’re related to one, know one, or are simply have one of your own. These homemade treats are sure to please! 

Here are some of our favorite  pup-approved recipes:

  1. Gingerbread Dog Biscuits – Everyone loves gingerbread this time of year, especially pups! 

Travel Inspired Gifts

Last but certainly not least, for all the travel lovers in your life, there are special homemade gifts you can give them that will leave them feeling inspired. From capturing memorable moments to simply providing them with great artwork to decorate their personal space or office with.  These thoughtful travel gifts will inspire the spirit of travel and adventure as well as capture favorite travel memories. Creating homemade photo albums, scrapbooks, and picture frames are just a few of the many ways you can honor their travel memories. 

Here are some of our favorite Wanderlust-inspired gift ideas:

  1. Travel Art + Picture Frames – Framing a map of their favorite destination(s) makes for a thoughtful and personalized gift. Another great option is designing a photo frame with artwork and placing a special travel memory inside. Perfect for celebrating all of the places they’ve gone to and are planning to go to! 

2. Scrapbooks – This is a great gift idea for a loved one you’ve traveled and made memories with. First, select a scrapbook and from there you can decorate each page with stickers, handwritten notes, and of course unforgettable photos that’ll last a lifetime. 

We hope you enjoy all these eH-inspired homemade gifts!  Gather, entertain and most importantly have fun. Don’t forget to tag us in your homemade gifts on Instagram @everythinghospitality_ .

We can’t wait to see your beautiful masterpieces and all the creative gift ideas you’ve come up with! 

Enjoy connecting and making timeless memories for the years to come!

The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love. 

Wishing you a Blessed & Happy Holiday Season.

-everything HOSPITALITY

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