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Fresh + Functional Kitchen Ideas

January 10, 2022

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The kitchen is where we spend much of our time cooking, eating, and entertaining.  Here at everything HOSPITALITY, we believe your kitchen deserves to be full of warmth, charm, and everything you love, as well as having “it work” for you.

Similar to a blank canvas, your kitchen hold endless potential. Here, you are the artist, achieving your vision one impactful item at a time.

Beyond updating and refreshing flooring, cabinets, or surfaces, functionality plays an important role and should be taken into consideration.  Here are our Top Five things to consider:

1. change to Kitchen Design 101

Rule number one, always start with your vision.  Determine what is working, what is not working, and how you use your space. You will need to ask important questions before starting your project.  

What does your dream kitchen look like?  What does the ambiance feel like?  How is the lighting?  Do you feel like a true Chef inside it? Is it functional enough to bake in? Is there plenty of counter space? What other specialty items should or would you include to make your kitchen work best for you?

These questions will help guide you in transforming your interior. The biggest part of the design process is planning out the foundation to execute your dream vision. 

As you begin to highlight the features aligned with your vision and lifestyle, you will want to consider different focal points and the function behind each one. Some versatile features include:

  • Large Farmhouse Sink
  • Double Countertops
  • Stylish Storage Solutions
  • Multiple Ovens + Stoves
  • Stools + Seating Arrangements 

These amenities will benefit the entertaining needs in your kitchen, by providing more space and offering modern functionality while preserving your style.

2. Work Top Work Horses 

When it comes to selecting a kitchen countertop, it is important to consider how you will be using them and better understand how hardwearing and easy to maintain they need to be. For instance, if you prepare home-cooked meals frequently, this means you will need something resilient and sustainable to maintain the quality and functionality of your countertop. 

If you tend to entertain more and use the surface less vigorously, you may opt for something that offers more surface-star appeal.  Always remember to be conscious of your lifestyle and be realistic about your kitchen necessities. 

3. For the Love of Your Floor

Have you ever dreamed about the best-rated kitchens? From top to bottom, every detail plays an important part in shaping even the most extraordinary kitchens, especially floors. In order to maintain the gorgeous appearance of your kitchen, you will need to keep it clean. Consider spill-proof, durable, pet-friendly, and anti-fatigue rugs, runners, or mats, when choosing to accentuate your floor.

Choosing the right rug, runner, or mat, is essential for not only durability but for comfort! When you spend time in the kitchen, preparing meals, entertaining, or enjoying conversation, you will want to feel cozy, plush, and high-quality texture under your feet. Let’s not forget your family pet either, as they too will appreciate a soft place to land while everyone is conversing in the kitchen.

As there are a variety of floor options to choose from, such as chevron-patterned hardwood floors or traditional tile, considering the sustainability behind each option is important. The choice of the floor impacts the appearance, hygiene, and maintenance of your kitchen.  

4. Lightology

Let’s talk science. Lightology is all about formulating the perfect lighting ambiance in your space. – We suggest opening up your kitchen with a spacious layout for optimal lighting.  An open floor plan, natural lighting, and strategic ambient lighting will contribute to not only the look but the feel of your home.  This step is essential in forming a bright and inviting kitchen. 

Aside from the lighting sources, we recommend displaying bold and dramatic statement pieces around your kitchen to add to the bright and striking appeal. These focal points will draw attention to the item in view while complementing the surrounding inviting atmosphere. 

5. Simple Cabinet Refinishing + Restoration Ideas

When it comes to updating your kitchen, you cannot forget about a pivotal puzzle piece, the cabinets. Cabinets have the potential to make or break your kitchen, as their multipurpose properties impact more than the overall look of your kitchen also impact the style and functionality of the space.

Style – Choosing the style of your cabinets is all about considering the color, design, shape, and texture. You may choose to paint your cabinets accent colors to make the entire kitchen ‘pop’, or you may utilize your cabinets as a grounding component of your kitchen by moving forward with a neutral color palette. High-Gloss, Cracked, or Vintage cabinets are a great way to add flair and personality to your kitchen. The style allows you to form an aesthetic and celebrate the vision of your dream kitchen.

Functionality – When it comes to cabinet refinishing and restoring, you may want to consider enhancing your cabinets with functional built-ins. We suggest considering easy-to-use pull-out drawers, under-light cabinets, plate racks, wine holders, and creative storage solutions.  These space-efficient options are ideal for making your kitchen feel more accessible and convenient to use during your everyday routine. 

With these steps in mind, you’ll achieve your vision in no time. Remember to have fun with the design process. Not only will you discover the beauty of design, but you will find peace and comfort in your newly evolved kitchen. Bon Appétit

“Because the way you do anything, is the way you do everything.”

-everything HOSPITALITY

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