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How To Create A Warm Welcome In Your Home

September 26, 2021

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Ever walk into a home for the first time and instantly feel comfortable and welcomed by your surroundings? Entryways are essential for setting the tone of your home – They are your first opportunity to say “Hi”, greet guests inside, and ultimately, allow them to feel comfortable and right at home. 

Here are some quick and easy ways to create enhance the warm welcome in your home:

Swing Into Action On Your Front Porch! 

Whether big or small, your front porch is an extension of your home and the first space people see as you welcome them to your home. From the beautiful color of your front door to engaging walkways and inviting seating, every detail makes a difference in showing hospitality to your visitors. 

Impactful Front Door

Painting your front door is an excellent and easy way to enhance your curb appeal, add interest to your front porch and make your home ‘yours’ by expressing your creativity and unique taste. 

eH insight tip: Some of our favorite front door colors are:  Black for a classic, formal and elegant look; Bright blue for a welcome pop that goes with any color exterior; Evergreen Green the color of renewal, fresh energy, and new beginnings; Pastel colors to create a modern and updated look without replacing the door and says welcome.

Beautiful Walkways

Utilizing the steps and walkway to your front door as an extension of the porch is another way to form a gracious invitation to your home. Place potted plants or seasonal flowers along the way to add depth and dimension to the space as well as provide visual excitement. 

Inviting Seating

If your porch is large enough, incorporating stylish seating creates a relaxing place to sit, connect and enjoy warm conversation.  The porch was originally created to be the go-to gathering spot for friends and family as they stayed cool on summer nights and visited with neighbors.

eH insight tip: We recommend choosing weatherproof and comfortable chairs for your porch. Some of our favorites include teak chairs with beautiful accent pillows or a comfy outdoor swing to enjoy sipping tea with friends.

Continue The Warmth Indoors 

As we move into the entryway,  there are many ways to create an open and inviting atmosphere in your interior from choosing color schemes to adding light into the room and selecting meaningful design materials that will contribute to the overall appearance and mood of your home. 

Color Theory

Choosing a color scheme is essential for creating a warm welcome in your home and has a direct impact on your mood. Color theory proves different colors have a distinct effect on emotions and feelings relating to your surroundings.  Some quick color examples include;

  • Neutral Color Schemes such as beige, cream, eggshell, and vanilla are perfect for setting a natural and earthy aesthetic. This color family brings the beauty of nature indoors for a peaceful feel. 
  • Dark and moody palettes such as bold greys, navy blues, and muted black will establish a dramatic, fierce appeal while offering bliss and balance.

eH insight tip: If you want to take a fun spin on things, you can include eccentric wallpaper and add lots of patterns for a zestful and energizing mood. The choice is yours! You can create how you want your home to look and feel as it greets guests!

Lighting Up The Room

Another key way to spread warmth indoors is providing a soft glow by adding candles, string lights, and accessory lighting such as sconces and chandeliers, to set a calming ambiance and allow different levels of light to alternate throughout the day.

eH insight tip: Displaying a stunning statement-piece chandelier is a great way to form an enchanting aesthetic that guests are drawn in towards. Check out one of our favorite chandeliers here

Balance Meaningful Materials 

Using meaningful materials that improve with age and classic elements versus super trendy materials such as leather, solid wood and woven baskets bring that “imperfectly-perfect” everyday life type feeling into your home.

eH insight tip: Having a bench in your entryway is a perfect way to incorporate seating into the room while displaying natural charm as well. Take a look at our favorite hospitable wooden bench here.

Minimalism Magic 

Last but certainly not least, there is magic in minimalism!  Whether it’s your mudroom, foyer, or side entrance,  minimalism provides a clean, clutter-free space to make all guests feel secure & comfortable!

Some ways to add minimalism magic into your home include: 

  • Smooth and seamless texture                   
  • Symmetrical decorative touches
  • Sleek contemporary furniture
  • Futuristic & Modern decor

As a clear home is a clear mind, your guests will feel comfortable and welcomed in your home.

With this design insight in mind, you’ll be able to create a warm welcome in your home in no time!

Have fun discovering the endless possibilities that await you, your friends, your family, and your pets! 



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