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Essentials For Creating Cozy Spaces

September 26, 2021

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As the chilly fall weather is upon us,  we cannot wait to incorporate all things cozy in our homes.

Every detail matters when it comes to prioritizing comfort and feeling your best in all areas of your home.  There are a few simple ways to make any room feel inviting, zen and comfortable.

Here are our favorite ways to keep warm, relax, and spend time with family in the comfort of our homes:

Bring On The Blankets & Pillows

When you incorporate quality designs into your home, you can feel a shift in the atmosphere. Soft and gentle details such as blankets and pillows turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary comfort zones

eH insight tip: Throw blankets, knitted quilts, and accent pillows in various textures, colors, and styles are perfect for adding ultra-soft texture in your space for a warm and snug aesthetic. 

Check out our all time favorite go-to throw to have around the house here! And for our favorite accessory pillow set click here!

Layer Up The Rugs And Here’s Why

Accessory floor rugs that feel plush and warm are perfect for completing the comfy aesthetic, now think about how much cozier it could feel if you doubled or tripled that by layering multiple rugs! Layered rugs bring forth lots of texture and warmth underneath your feet as you walk around the house…Not to mention it will feel like you’re walking on a cloud when you go grab your favorite comfort food! 

eH insight tip: Neutral colored rugs are great for hardwood floors as they insulate warmth and provide a beautiful natural aesthetic in your home. Discover what we mean by clicking on our favorite rug here

Charming Candlelight

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, you can create a warm-toned ambiance to come home to with soft lighting from traditional candlelight such as displaying candlesticks in unique candle holders or simply putting out your favorite scented candles.  There’s nothing like a relaxing & soothing after-glow!

eH insight: We find that soy seasonal-scented candles are great for not only providing a comfy ambiance but they bring delightful scents that you can enjoy as you unwind at home.  Click here for an example. 

Nook Necessities

Whether you have a nook(s) or none in your house, you can raise comfort measures with comfortable nook-like accessories for all members of the home, including pets. Depending on the room, every “nook” emphasizes the meaning of day-to-day activities such as reading, cooking, dining, relaxing, and spending quality time with loved ones. 

eH insight: Nook necessities can range from household items ranging from a collection of books, charming rocking chairs, woven baskets to store your personal belongings, cozy pet beds, and accent furniture, depending on the room. Tucking a simple armchair in the corner of a cozy space is perfect for creating a nook with just one simple addition! Check out our favorite contemporary armchair here

Spa-Like Features

Being comfortable at home is all about looking around the room and feeling at peace with your surroundings. What better way to feel your best than by incorporating spa-like features into your space? Simple spa-like features of quality linens and towels, light and airy drapery, minimalist decor in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen can truly transform your home into a cozy hotel-like getaway. 
eH insight: As a lavender tea lovers, our team at eH love keeping a designated tea tray handy, that we can easily take from the bedroom to the bathroom for the ultimate relaxation and self-care time. Small, spa-like features such as a tray bring a sense of serenity & fulfillment.  Check out our favorite leather on-the-go tray here.

Beautiful Fireplaces

Lastly, on late-night weekdays or early weekends, you may find yourself curling up with comfort by the toasty fireplace. Whether you have a real chimney fireplace in your home, a modern electric fireplace, or no fireplace at all, there are also ways to mimic a beautiful fireplace-like feel. 

*eH insight tip: Natural elements of wood and brick paired with a cozy mantlepiece for displaying decor can achieve this warm aesthetic or facing furniture towards each other along a back wall in your living room or lounge can bring that same snug feel into your home. 

So there you have it, the essentials for creating cozy spaces in your home! With these design tips in mind, you’ll create timeless memories with friends and family in the comfort of your home.

There’s no place like home…. Enjoy! 



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