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Welcome to everything HOSPITALITY,

As Small Business owners ourselves over the past 15+ years, we know first-hand, what it takes to launch, to build and to sustain your business. We never take for granted those who supported and championed us along the way, the incredible network of human beings for whom we surround ourselves with, nor the vast networks that have been developed through hard work, personal integrity, and proven results, over the past 30 years of our careers. All of which continue to fuel our inspiration, partner with us on projects or initiatives as contributors and inspire us with their own successes. It is said, “it takes a village” and while one can succeed on their own, we believe the winding uphill road is much easier and more fun to navigate, both in the best of time as well as the worst of times, when done in the company of others.

We mean it when we say, “We will continue to rise by lifting others; building a lifetime of partnerships in business and in life”. If after you review our website, visit our Instagram or LinkedIn pages, you believe your Company is aligned with what we are up to (Real Estate Development + Interior Design + Travel + Hospitality + Furniture + Fixtures + Finishes + Home Décor + Entertaining + Culinary Delights + more), we want to hear from you. There are many ways for us to collaborate with you, showcase your work-product here on our site or through Social Media and other networks in which we traffic, as well as deliver our services, product and platform to you.

Just send us an email at with your contact information (please be sure to include a phone number), website URL, social media links, a brief introduction as to your offerings, what you would like us to know about your Company and what you see as possible in working with us to promote your business or products here. Our team does their best to get back to you within 5-7 business days with more information on our offerings and current opportunities, additional questions we may have or to schedule a follow up call.

Achieving uncommon results and multiplying success through collaboration,

Dawn M. Berry
Founder and CEO

verb [ˌkuhn-trib-yoot]


To be an important factor; help to cause something.

Fun Fact

Sears, Roebuck & Co helped build American neighborhoods as we know them today.  Fabricating
"kit houses" that could be ordered from their Catalog and the materials shipped to you by railroad. 
Average time to build was 90 days.  (1908 - 1940).